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Moving into the city on Monday. Still hasn’t really hit me yet.


listen, son. if there was really a monster in your closet this would be a huge new discovery. honestly you getting mauled would be pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things if you think about it

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Edgar Payne, The Rendezvous (Santa Cruz Island) - 1915

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that’s fair

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To everyone hating on John Green:
When’s the last time you wrote an award-winning book, had it transformed into a multimillion dollar grossing film? Fuck off with your childish ways. It’s a damn shame that you people think it’s okay to disrespect people like that smh

….so apparently making a lot of money from your work = you don’t deserve any negative feedback


The “You can’t do it any better” argument is probably the one that irks me the most.

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never forget last year’s vma’s when grimes and 2chainz had the same pants on

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i talk a lot of shit for someone who can’t choose rude dialogue options in games because i’m scared of hurting a characters feelings

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